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How To be the Good Manager

You can surprised to learn what to be the good manager who possesses respect and warmth of its subordinates, much more more concerns organizational skills than with skill to communicate. Actually, good skills of people usually are required only after there was a problem, and the good manager prevents to occur to many problems first. “Time – money” (actually, time not money, but it is other discussion), an observed proverb in the business world, and it is vain to waste time is not present – is not present. On the other hand, workers require time of breath and frequent short ruptures to add their regular ruptures. Happy workers become weak in other words, and are more productive as a result.
There are many types of business, and a work situation certainly, but allowed we take typical accounting office as an example. Such office will have a battalion of the clerks which main work will be data processing. Data processing means management of a file certainly, and is extremely sad worker if they cannot find files, they require or understand clearly how to operate the software, which they use to process them. Not only that it is waste of time which could be differently ‘ weak time ‘ for them, they could even enter into a problem to not to execute their duty quickly and precisely. And real crisis could occur, if files are not ready to again selected clients.
The main work of the manager then in this scenario consists in making sure, even if that training of the person of means that all understand a file tree, can get access to a file x or y equally quickly, and has knowledge to change files quickly and without errors. Than more than time when clerks should think of the repeated problems, especially loosened – and more offended to the manager – they become.

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